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Parrot Conservation Changes a Catholic Tradition

Fifteen years ago the yellow-eared parrot was presumed extinct. Its rediscovery in Colombia forced the Catholic Church to abandon an age-old tradition, and brought about one of the most amazing comebacks in the Americas… READ ARTICLE

Pandora's Water Bottle

Heard about endocrine disruptors? They're in everything from skin moisturizers to skillets, from raincoats to water bottles. And they're wreaking havoc on living things… READ ARTICLE

The Last Great Wilderness

Most of us will never see the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. So why shouldn't we drill for oil there? Susan McGrath travels to "the biological heart of the refuge" to unlock the mystery… READ ARTICLE

Cork Screwed

Check under the foil wrapper before you break open your next bottle of wine. No longer deemed low-class, synthetic and screw-top stoppers are replacing real cork—and threatening an entire ecosystem… READ ARTICLE

National Geographic Magazine

Polar Bears

The Arctic is warming so fast that by 2050 it may be largely ice free in summer. Without their frozen hunting platform, how will polar bears survive… READ ARTICLE

Attack of the Alien Invaders

All over the world, animals and plants that evolved somewhere else are turning up where they're not wanted… READ ARTICLE

The Wet Wild

Cowboys, caimans, and mud come together in the Pantanal, where modern pressures threaten the health of one of the world's largest wetlands… READ ARTICLE


The Vanishing

Little noticed by the outside world, perhaps the most dramatic decline of a wild animal in history has been taking place in India and Pakistan. Large vultures, vitally necessary and once numbering in the tens of millions, now face extinction. But why?… READ ARTICLE

Shoot-out at Little Galloo

Angry fishermen accuse the cormorant of ruining their livelihood and have taken the law into their own hands. But is the cormorant to blame?… READ ARTICLE

The Household Environmentalist

Radon? Yes it's boring…

RADONZZZZZZZ. This is going to be a difficult column to write. The trouble is that the subject is so boring I keep drifting off as I do my research… DOWNLOAD PDF (448 KB)

Plant Amnesty's hall of pruning horrors

Seattleites have a reputation for being ever so civilized, with their lattes and their book groups and religious devotion to crossing only with the light and at the crosswalk… DOWNLOAD PDF (1.5 MB)


Household Pollutants and Dogs

I don't mind a little dirt, myself, but Joplin does. She plops herself down to apply that prehensile pink paint roller tongue to all of her coat within reach,… READ ARTICLE